Group Coaching

Designed specifically for the clinic or department that would like to experience the following:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration amongst staff members
  • Decreased burnout with decreased staff turnover
  • Resilience skills to manage the challenging situation inevitable in healthcare

Choose from the following options:
One-hour presentation: $179
Topic can vary depending on the needs of the clinic, ranging from improving communication to minimizing burnout

Three one-hour sessions (or two 90-minute sessions): $500
Custom tailored for the clinic that would benefit from hands-on practice with evidence-based tools designed to improve staff morale and improve clinical outcomes

Five one-hour sessions (or two 90-minute sessions plus 2 one hour sessions): $850
Designed with the clinic that wants to reach their best potential as a cohesive unit, and would like to maximize each staff members’ potential to flourish as an individual and a team member


50- Minute Webinars

Topics can vary from how to manage difficult situations in the workplace, enhance compliance and motivate our patients, communication skills in the workplace, etc. Webinars can be customized to a specific topic. Please contact to explore topics relevant to your clinic’s needs.
$24 per individual; please contact for group rates


Private Coaching

For the individual provider seeking to reclaim the passion and drive that originally led them to their life’s work.
$60 for one hour
$165 for a package of three, one-hour sessions
$270 for a package of five, one-hour sessions

Coaching services can be achieved through live webcasting or onsite depending on location and the needs of the clinic. Please contact Lynn at to find out how best Health Professional Coaching can benefit you.

Health Professional Coaching Services